How to install the attractive and durable ceramic tiles

Installation procedures would be similar for most varieties of tiles but differ in details. Tiled surfaces certainly have far greater advantages than dry walls, being so durable and easy to clean besides the permanent good looks of flashy colors and designs. Kitchens and bathrooms particularly need tile surfaces to counteract all the spills and splashes! Give it some serious thought and install the tile patterns that strike the fancy; ceramics lie within every budget for a wall and floor makeover to elevate happiness levels.

The bare wall or floor needs to be structurally good to bear the additional weight. Accurate measurements with a tape and level would specify the center points and the layout of the tiles, dividing the area into smaller sections. Using chalk and string, mark out the detailed intersections, specifying where the individual tiles will be installed. Be convinced about vertical and horizontal levels rather than assume that everything is perfect. Some tiles will need cutting to fit into the sides and corners.

Mix the mortar according to instructions, adding water to the powder to make a paste. Spread the mortar with a tiling trowel, working in small areas. Now place the tiles, using the spacers. Mix the grout and apply the mixture between the tiles with a grout float. Allow time for curing and then apply the grout sealer.





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