Travertine Tile: a Floor Decor

Travertine tile always describes as a mix of marble and limestone. Travertine tiles are most sought after tiles for paving garden paths and courtyards. Travertine tile is used in the kitchen as countertops, however, it is not recommended.  So you have to know exactly where to use these kinds of tiles.

Travertine tile is available in different textures and shades. The most sought after textures are the polished and matte texture. Travertine tile will never get the glossy finish as in the case of marble or granites. The honed finish is the one that is very common. The travertine tile is mostly used for flooring or smaller spaces. The finishes of travertine tile vary, only the harder type travertine tile withstand glossy and polished finishing.

These tiles are also known as travertine marble and travertine limestones. These tiles are available in many shades and colors. Lighter shades of these travertine tiles absorb stains and oils very quickly.Travertine tile can be cleaned easily. You can use mild detergents and cloth to remove stains or spills, clean immediately, do not let it absorb. Cleaning with acids will damage the tile and will look patchy. Travertine tile can be installed in its natural state without polishing, this will give you altogether a unique look.



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