Octagonal Pattern Marble Suitable Anywhere

Octagonal shape is not easy to cut and install. If one octagonal tile is installed then all the tiles surrounding should be in this shape. There are many manufacturers who produce this shape. Natural stones are also cut in this shape. Octagonal pattern marble has great demand. This shape is good for the wall and the flooring. As the installation requires skill it is better to hire professionals. It is better to call for professionals even for measurement as it requires a lot of skill to decide the number required. There are different sizes of them available in the market. If the size of the tile is small then the installation is more complicated.

Various shapes and sizes available

There are many types of marble available in the market. There are only a few manufacturers who cut octagonal pattern marble tiles. The shape gives out a lot of wastage and thus the cost of them also rise. Though the marble is the same a square and an octagonal shape has a lot of price difference.  They can be used for bathtub surrounding, bathroom, kitchen and other rooms of the house. Some of the commercial places also have these shapes. The tiles have to be placed carefully to get the best décor for the house. 


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