Glazed Porcelain Tiles Are Less Porous

For flooring and walls, glazed porcelain tiles are suitable. Clay dust is pressed at a constant temperature to make them. The smooth grains give the glossy surface. It is less porous and thus resists water. The strength of the tile is more and tolerates more wear and tear. There are many colors, shapes and designs available in the market. The pattern is same from the base to the surface. To get a gloss coating, liquid glass is painted on the surface and then baked. Even if there is more traffic they can tolerate it as it is more durable.

These tiles have appearances of different materials. Some look like wooden ones and some like marble. There is no water absorption and so they are best for back splashes. There are many people who use them for bathrooms and kitchens. The durability is also good and they serve the purpose. Glazed porcelain tiles can be used for décor or for back splashes. There is an array of colors, design and textures available in the market. In the websites, there is a display of all the products with the price. There are different shapes available which can be the best decors. It is better to measure the place where the tiles have to be laid before purchasing.


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