Wood Look Porcelain Gives the Antique Looks

Wood occupies the major part of the building material. These days wood is becoming costlier. When a house is built or renovated wood gives a special look to décor. But adding wood for decor or furniture is a costly affair. Maintaining wood is also costly. But now there is a substitute for wood which has easy maintenance also. The wood look porcelain tiles give the exact look of the wood but are not much costly.  There are no messes like painting and wood worms, which is another costly way to maintain wood. There are many colors and patterns in these tiles, just like wood available in the market.  


These are definitely fire and scratch resistant. They are available in many shapes just like wood. They are like wooden planks, short pieces of planks and some have the patterns which remind of the logs of wood. The customers can relive their imaginations to have the best. These tiles can be used anywhere in the house. They can be used for interiors or exteriors. Commercial places like hotels or lodges had to spend more for their decoration when they were using wood. Now they can get the same décor with lesser money.

The manufacturers wood look porcelain is using designers to get the antique wood looks on the tiles. When we touch we can feel the rough surface and they look exactly like wood pieces .The shape of the tile is such that they look like wood pieces stuck together. Each manufacturer has their own designs and the customer has to explore to get the best to his imagination. There are many online stores where the tiles are explored. It may be better to visit the stores nearby to get the real look of the tile before ordering. The measurement of the place where the tile has to be installed has to be taken.

If the place is small then it is better to take smaller tiles. If it is a bigger place then it is better to take bigger tiles. There are rectangular tiles which look exactly like logs. When they are used for interiors the romantic look of log houses is experienced. Choosing natural colors of wood will give the natural look to the décor. These Wood look porcelain tiles are definitely fire resistant and durable. They are not porous and thus do not allow moisture into. Maintenance is definitely easier when these tiles are put when compared to wood.   



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