Hexagonal Tiles Are Trendy And Traditional

The tiles with six sides are called hexagonal tiles.  When they are installed on the floor or wall it looks like a bee hive. There are many materials, colors, and sizes available in this shape. The ambiance of the place changes completely with the installation of these tiles. They suit with the modern or traditional furniture. Skilled workers have to be hired to install them. They have to be placed perfectly so that there is no gap in between. Many colors can be mixed and matched to give a unique pattern. Matte and glossy surface give a different finish.

These tiles are used in residential or commercial places. Glass hexagon tiles give a shine and the look of the room changes completely. Bigger ones in this shape give a different finish and smaller ones look very cute. For flooring, it is better to use bigger ones.  If smaller ones are used there may be more maintenance due to dust collection in between the tiles. Interior designers prefer this shape for backsplashes in kitchen and bathroom. They give a trendy and traditional look on the walls or flooring. There are some 3D patterns on the tiles to give an astonishing finish when installed.


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