Golden White Slate Has An Array Of Designs

Golden white slate is a multicolored quartzite. Many builders prefer this tile to complete their building. There are many varieties available which can be used as mosaics, tiles, pavers and even blends. The colors range from white to gray. There are rust veins in between. There is an array of products available in the market with different designs. The price is affordable and the builders find it cheaper to give the best décor to the building. This is a natural stone with natural designs. It is better to buy the number of tiles required together with wastage. No two tiles look alike and it may be not possible to get the same designed tile when the construction work continues.

These tiles are chosen for patios, vertical applications, and walkways. The natural designs on it help in getting the natural look on the walkways. Golden white slate collection is available with mesh backing also for easy installation. There may be slight variations in the color and shades. A sealer has to be used to protect it from the outside weather. The sealer protects the color and shape of the stone for many years. If maintained properly this stone is for a lifetime. Normally the manufacturers fill up the pits in the stone to give a properly finished surface.



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