Explore the top collection of Arabesque pattern tile for exuberant interior beautification

Whether you are trying to remodel your interior floor, wall or backsplash, Arabesque pattern tile is suitable for every part. You can bring some artistic touches with the most creative slabs influenced by Arabian culture and architecture. Now you should move on from the plastic designs and look through the thoughtful creations.

Wall and backsplash decoration:

Generally, some specific models are used to decorate the kitchen wall. Taza Blend Lantern Pattern with 8mm bricks can be used as a kitchen backsplash. These multi-color slabs have utility and beauty. The Grecian white Arabesque pattern tile can help you to bring the peaceful white touches around the kitchen.

Other pure white tiles of Arabesque pattern can be used in the dining room as well. Whisper white Arabesque has been used in the dining halls mostly.

Generally, Antique white is precious and most beautiful marbles so that it is applied on the bedroom’s wall. If you want colors in bedroom’s wall, then Decora Droplet Pattern can enlighten a side with three sides of bright colors in the bedroom.

Floor decoration:

Now, the designers are using dark red, blue or other colors of Arabesque pattern tile on a side of the floor and Dove Gray, Décora Droplet or Fog Arabesque lantern patterns on a side. It brings innovation and attraction to the kitchen or dining or bedroom. The garden floors can be decorated with obvious Gris Garden Lantern Interlocking mosaics as well.   21


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