Marble For Bathroom Gives A Posh Look

The aesthetic effect of marble has made many people use this stone for the house flooring and walls. This stone is elegant when used in any part of the house. For the bathroom, honed or polished finish is used. Marble for bathroom gives a clean and posh look. The polished surface tends to be slippery when water is on it. It is better to use bath mats at some points in the bathroom. Not only on the floor but at the sides of the bathtubs and on walls also they are used. It is best for back splashes and many contractors and house owners prefer to use it.

The carved marble stones are used as frames for the mirrors in the bathroom. Interior designers use their imagination and use this stone to design a decorative bathroom. Marble for bathroom gives a rich look. There are many commercial places like lodges also where it is used in the bathroom. Though the traffic is more this stone can tolerate it. It is affordable and durable when used for bathrooms. Either for renovation or for a newly constructed bathroom this is the best. There are many colors available in marble but are mostly light. The color of marble gives the best look to the bathroom. 


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