1×1 Crema Marfil Hexagon Gives An Elegant Look

Hexagon is a divine shape. Used for exteriors or interiors this shape brings an aesthetic feeling. It is a natural stone and so eco-friendly. They are polished to give a glossy look. These tiles can be used for flooring, walls, and backsplashes. They are used as decors as the shape of a hexagon is an evergreen geometric pattern used from the past to the present decors. There are veins of brown or orange on the cream-colored stone. 1×1 Crema Marfil hexagon can be put on a mesh to make installing more easily. The polished and precision cut of hexagon gives a magnificent look. 

Natural Stone With Vague patterns

Commercial and residential buildings use this tile for their interiors and exteriors. They are used in the pools, spas, barbecues and fountains. As this stone is natural the pattern may vary from stone to stone. Each piece is unique as it is completely natural. In the website, there may be one type of marble but practically there may be different patterns on the tiles. It is better to buy at a time the amount of tiles necessary. 1×1 Crema Marfil hexagon is a pattern where the hexagons are next to each other giving a honeycomb pattern. The tiles look trendy and elegant at any place.



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