To give a new look at your bathroom and kitchen use subway glass tiles

Sometimes the most neglected part of your home that is the bathroom needs to be remodeled. And for remodeling purposes, the one and only choice need to be subway glass tiles. As such tiles will be helping in a better reflection of light.


Though it comes in different shades, charcoal gray shades are highly recommended for your bathroom floor and walls. It is compatible with all types of mosaics. Instantly such tile adds refinement to your specific area. Being used at bathroom area such tiles have excellent water resiliency.


Tile specification

  • Photographic glass tiles are very hard, so its durability is unquestionable.
  • Due to its affordable nature, it is gaining popularity amongst the home owners.
  • The soft grayish color looks subtle at specific areas.
  • No need to worry about the fittings.
  • Due to its high-class quality, such tiles are being the first choice for everyone.
  • Low maintenance is another positive prospectus.

So, before Christmas, if you want to remodel your bathroom and want to give it a new and stylish look which amaze the guest’s subway glass tiles needs to be your first and only choice.


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