Design the ultimate home theater movie experience!

Most people are film enthusiasts who occasionally make it to the cinema hall. That is quite a bother with the travel, expensive tickets, and polluted city streets. The elderly and the kids may have a tough time with the escalators and lifts. Why not design a little home theater for a private viewing experience? Get the fun back into movies and music!

Projectors or large wall mounted TVs?

Often the budget makes the decisions. Audio and video equipment are getting more affordable nowadays with all the competition. Yet the best quality could cost a fortune. Is the theater meant for 20 or 50 people? Perhaps the TV would be used daily and the projector and screen reserved for those special occasions? The room could also serve as a very useful business mini-conference room with all the facilities.

The seating could be configured as a U-shaped sofa extravaganza that might seat 20 family members. Alternatively, the same space could provide plastic chair seating for 30 members in neat little rows. A side table or minibar would serve the purpose of serving refreshments or drinks.

Let the walls express cinematic ideas with appropriate posters and artworks. Otherwise, choose a theme like nature or spirituality and dress the walls accordingly. Avoid excessive sound levels that might disturb the neighbors and attract complaints. Late night parties would certainly be objected to. Sound proofing the walls may be considered if necessary. Meanwhile, let the home theater launch a thousand dreams!


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