Large format porcelain tiles swoop the market!

The tile industry is experiencing an expansion into bigger and better trends. The latest trend is using large format tiles with the versatility to match any modern use and with sufficient affordability as well. Specifically, the latest expansion is into porcelain tiles. They are getting more and more popular because of the option to use them as well as any other tile – only with porcelain, large format tiles really show the veining on any tile, making it suitable even for artistic display. Typically, anything larger than 1.25ft is considered “large format”, but variants over 3 and 6 feet can be found as well for the real connoisseurs.


Getting a large format porcelain tile can be a true perk to your home!

It can be used as both a floor and wall tile, pretty much everywhere in your house. The absence of division lines makes your rooms look larger and more grandiose, making use of every square inch of space. When you buy a large format porcelain tile you are not only buying building material, you are buying a work of art.


Using modern digital printing systems for large formats, they can be made to possess unwavering natural beauty, accenting all of the veins that would normally adorn the tile. Lately, people have been using large format porcelain tiles for floors because of them being identical to hardwood floors, which in turn are much less durable.

However, getting a large format porcelain tile can be quite challenging in the aspect that they are very big and heavy and you will generally need to be very careful when choosing a company to come and install them. However, each and every time it will be worth it, as your home will become not only a living space but a uniquely beautiful work of art.


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