Ensure good fortune with a Vaastu complaint home

The Hindu science of architecture called Vaastu has certain requirements to ensure a blessed family existence. Since the living and bedrooms play such a crucial part in the home, arrange them in Vaastu ways.

The Living Room

The auspicious living room door should face east or north. Avoid pictures of gods at the entrance or living room. Paintings create creative surroundings. Nature images like the sun create positive energy. Avoid negative images. Furniture may be located in the south and west. The furniture should be square or rectangular. Avoid L-shaped furniture. The brightly lit room should have white or yellow, green or blue walls. Place the TV in the southeast and the cooler or AC in the west or north.


The Master Bedroom

The main bedroom should be located in the south or southwest. While asleep, let the head face the south or west. Avoid eating in the bedroom. Do not place Gods’ pictures or idols here. Make sure the bed is not located under a beam and is placed southwest. Mirrors and television screens should be covered during sleep. Do not display pictures of sorrow or violence. Maintain a neat and tidy bedroom, and the door should open ninety degrees. The bathroom door should not face the bed and remain closed. Avoid an aquarium or live plants around here.



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