Set up a fancy fantasy bathroom vanity!

With kitchens and bathrooms getting so much more functional, get to indulge. A bathroom would be quite incomplete without a striking vanity. That would depend upon available space, the budget, and inclinations. A large storage space is compulsory in the vanity, besides the washing facility and the mirror. Whether it would be single or double again depends upon preferences, but the double saves time in those rushed mornings.


Those interested in recycling and DIY would find a convenient, long forgotten cabinet perhaps. The old types certainly had lots more space compared to the designer stuff today. Cleaning, painting, and polishing would be fine before the plumbing is fitted for the trough or two. The decorative mirror gets fixed to the wall. Keep pipes out of sight.

A cottage look with an antique table? A floating bathroom vanity perhaps to ensure cleanliness on the floor and save space in cramped interiors? The sleek, narrow contemporary style of birch countertop would suffice in squeezed spaces. All that is needed is a vessel sink and cylindrical faucet.

Colorful vanities or solid white against colored backgrounds uplift feelings during rushed mornings. A backsplash of glass mosaic tile makes it so much more effective.  Any wooden table would suffice with the add-ons!



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