How best to patch up bathroom floors!

While DIY may be challenging, hiring a professional is best. Costs may be high, though. Only a pro really understands what went wrong.

What kind of floor

Ceramic and natural stone tiles might break or chip. Stains and scratches could occur. Cleaning and polishing would do. Vinyl and linoleum flooring would be easy to restore. Damaged ones need to be replaced. Faded ones need a finish.

If it is wood, moisture could be a problem. Scratches and buckling could occur, and mold and gaps between boards. Why not install an exhaust fan? Scratches need a sander and a new finish. Carpets protect wood too.

Leaks and dampness could become serious issues. The problem could lie in the sub-floor. If the floor sags, the toilet leans or tiles buckle, it is time for repairs in earnest.

Installation of new flooring

If parts of the floor are badly damaged, why not replace it? Consider Wild Sea Granite, Silver Waves Granite.or Labrador antique 12X12 Granite


Elevated moods keep the family or office fraternity cheered up all day long. Grays and greens or silver and black, life would never be the same again, lost in fantasy underfoot.

Other choices are White Supreme Granite for grays and whites.

image (1).jpg

African Tapestry Granite brings a rich blend of sepia veins and mushroom-and-gray.


If mosaics are preferred, Slate/Quartz Mosaics perhaps, or Glass, Stone and Metal Mosaics would make exotic pretty sights!



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