Make informed choices to buy the best countertops

Whether online or in brick and mortar stores, shopping can become quite a quandary in terms of making choices! Consider the awesome collection of shades and styles available for countertops dressings. Polished is not all, leather and honed finishes are all cool, but how to decide? Natural stone countertops whether marble or granite serve very well through the years on countertops everywhere in the homes, office or businesses. The natural stone family comes in several shades, pleasing ambiences, complete with the nature-endowed veins, and the patterns formed ages ago.


Polished finishing like the Fantasy Brown Marble

If it is a granite countertop as is widely preferred, a polished finish is much in demand. It is very true that a shining through surface reveals colors and infinite details best. The simplest black granite too looks so smart and luxury-filled with a polished coat. Why not go in for the universally admired polished surface?

Honed finishes like in Calacatta Gold Marble

Now with everybody preferring natural settings after ages of artificiality, honed appearances are very much in demand. Many prefer the matte finish of a honed surface that feels smooth as silk. Honed surfaces resist scratches better than polished ones and so would find great uses in very busy kitchens. Yet the honed exterior requires more care in terms of sealing surfaces. Marble particularly would do very well with the honed finish of timeless elegance. Veins and contrasts within marble are clearly visible through honing.

Leather texture finishing like in Cambrian Black Granite

The leather finish is also called brushed, a typically matte finish. The surface feels like a velvety texture. The leather finish is more natural but does not reflect light, unlike the polished and honed. Nature is better for many, though. The rustic and the countryside approach attract many devotees and the leather finish is getting more popular. Leather finishes resist scratches and can tolerate harsh use, especially outdoors and in heavily used kitchen spaces. The elements will not impact leather finishes.

Decide which of the three finishes, polished, honed or brushed suits personal preferences best. Even after that decision about finishing is made, hundreds of options appear. MSI would help the choice process with the Countertop Visualizer Tool. Let’s imagine that a natural stone countertop like quartz is preferred. Backsplash, Cabinet Color, and Floor pattern need to be selected from a variety of options. The image that is thus formed provides a glimpse of what the dream kitchen would look like after installation.




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