Outdoor Oasis: Design Roof Decks With Style

There is lots of option to give a perfect and natural look for outdoor living area. While choosing the pavers for your courtyard, poolside area, elevated decks, and walkways, keep few things in your mind that it should be durable, slip resist and take less time to install. Porcelain paver collection has all the qualities that everyone thinks before buying any paver.

Porcelain pavers are a handmade item and modern inkjet technology is used to develop it. So finally the time has come to with porcelain pavers collection which gives a perfect look to your outdoor.

A detail view of porcelain pavers


Everyone need best pavers for their courtyard. The main reason behind this is porcelain is sturdy. Even in high pedestrian traffic it never breaks easily. Porcelain pavers are available in various colors and the important thing is its color never dull in sunlight. Porcelain pavers don’t soak up water which stands for climate change. One major thing behind the natural stone, it requires high maintenance just like as coating and sealing. It requires pressure-washing to get rid of from stains. But not in the case of porcelain pavers, just wash it with normal water and it will appear as new as it was earlier.

Some more facts to justify this statement

Another reason for selecting porcelain pavers is it is simple to install where the wooden floor or natural stone floor are very difficult to install and take a long time. Porcelain pavers don’t require adhesives and can be placed straight on concrete. Wooden style porcelain tiles are ideal for decks because it doesn’t require painting. One more specialty about porcelain pavers is that you can place fire pit over it.


Now if we talking about the financial aspect then porcelain pavers are always less expensive in comparison to the natural stone. These produce fast and proficiently in number but natural stones produce from mines and after this, it exported everywhere in the world. These are light weighted and easy to transport which decrease the expenses of delivery and the cost of installation.

Most admired options for the outdoor area:-

  1. Pietra beige – this porcelain tile looks like a natural stone includes the feature of warm beige tone. This is the best for pools decks, garden walking tracks and another outer area. It is easily available in 24” x 24” and 12” x 24” sizes.
  2. Tierra ivory: – this tile is really worth for large areas. You will definitely like the close similarity to stylish natural stone.

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