Mosaic Metallic add shimmer to your perfect housing styles

Are you thinking about the renovation of your living area, kitchen, and bathroom of the house? If yes, then switch to Mosaic metallic tiles, it is the perfect way to introduce life to any area. It is available in all designs and styles, these tiles add shine and drama for all sorts of houses by offering a smooth backdrop and surface according to your design.


Adding a metallic touch to any area changes the look of the entire room. Mosaic Metallic has shown its applicability in multiple applications. With a hint of adding sparkle and shine in the house so shimmering glass and metallic- painted slate. It is available in neutral colors as well with the combination of organic elements. Some ideas are presented below for kick-starting the process:-

Decorative or texture wall in the entry way

Metallic tiles are most suitable for the entry way as it provides timeless grandeur. Titan Interlocking tile has deep shade of black accented and charcoal by silver tone. In order to provide a contemporary look to the house, soft wine combines with Icelandic Blend and Grays have Arabescato Carrara, metal and glass. Both forms of designs are easily available in the market and provide the seamless appearance.

Shiny Kitchen Backsplashes


Crystal stem wear, stainless appliances and light installment by this shiny metallic mosaic tile. This tile is ideal for kitchen backsplashes over the different type of tiles. Triton Interlocking is a unique form of tile which has metallic shine in its design. Wooden furniture and countertop installed in kitchen contrast this shimmery tile. This form of updating in kitchen enhances its appearance and change it looks from traditional kitchen to stylistic kitchen.

Tub and Shower Surrounds

Bored from your old bathroom design? If yes then you have to switch to mosaic metallic tiles as near your bathing tub or as the backsplash. There are endless choices in the market it is only you have to select the amount of glamour you wanted to add in your house. In the bathroom, if you use dark shower then it would benefit the complete wall of silver metal of Cityscape Interlocking and blue glass, or one or two strips of silver can be used in this case. The whole design will be so fabulous and eye catching.


Cristallo Interlocking metallic mosaic tile is a glorious combination of glass, Arabescato Carrara and shimmer tiles which would bring drama and opulence in the bathroom.  The white tile shades with some veins of glass tiles and Carrara tiles make spa sort of environment suitable around soaking tubes, backsplashes, and shower enclosure.




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