Get An Extra Push In Décor With Natural Stone Veneer

To get the look of a house just like in an interior design magazine, it is very necessary to use accessories, architecture, and furniture. But best look comes from the stacked stone veneers. These stones give the warm, welcoming and comfortable feel to the house.

There are different shades ranging from light to dark colors. There are different characters and reflection capability for every stone. The 3D texture is the main character making these veneers more appealing. Though the appearance of these stones is rugged they suit to any posh spaces. They suit to a cozy home or to any exteriors


Arctic Golden Panel Stacked Stone is a split face quartzite. It is creamy white mixed with golden beige. It matches with the wood color and cream furnishings. Corner pieces can be used for continuity.

Fossil Rustic Stacked Stone has a mixture of gray and beige hues with orange-rust splashes. The whole wall need not be covered to get a good look. They look good with half of the wall too. These pieces of stone are easy to install or stack just like puzzle pieces. 


Roman Beige Stacked Stone are made from travertine. They are split faced and have beige and golden cream colors. This stone is used for the surrounds of the fireplaces. The play of light and shadow on the 3D texture gives a good background to any type of décor.

Coal Canyon Stacked Stone is a split face Quartzite in deep charcoal gray color. It matches with traditional or contemporary décor. The stone is so gorgeous that there is no need to cover it rather than display its beauty. They can be used in home or office for décor.


These veneers are eco-friendly as they are natural stone. It is very easy to install and there are pre-assembled panels also available in the market. If used in the showroom the beauty and decor of the space increase. At home, there is a special look in the interior with these stacked stones.

At any part of the house, these stones add beauty. They can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom or even exteriors. To give a unique look to the décor this stone gives an extra push.

There is a lot of choice in the natural stone veneer colors. We can match with the wall, furnishing or furniture. Contrast or bold colors are also attractive when used for interiors.



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