Think different with Earth Tone Granite Tile

Flooring should always be done with excellent designs and here, depending on tile flooring will always be the best option. If you are willing to think in a different way regarding the flooring, then granite is always the best option. This natural stone is famous for flooring among the homeowners since past.


Flooring done with granite will not only enhance the value of your house, but this stone will give your flooring long lasting feature. These tiles won’t get stained so easily and these tiles will also not fade up so easily under the sun or heavy rain. Again, these tiles are easy to maintain and cost effective too. The presence of this natural stone can largely be observed in entryways or living rooms or bathrooms. Here you can surely select the earth tone granite tiles.


  • Tan Brown: In case you love to apply darker designs for flooring, then it will be just perfect if you select Tan Brown shade. This shade is available with black and gray shade, polished tiles are available in the sizes of 12 x 12 as well as 18 x 18.
  • New Venetial Gold: This will give a luxurious appearance to your house. The shades of the colors are available in a great combination of beige and golden tones. These tiles also look gorgeous with nice veins which are available in brown, gray and deep red shades. These tiles are also available in perfect polish in various sizes such as 12 x 12 and 18 x 18.
  • Giallo Fantasia: This particular flooring option will surely give your house an awesome appearance. These tiles are available in shades of huge variations such as Gold, Gray, Dark Brown on a cream colored background. These tiles are also available in different shades.
  • Kashmir Gold: If you prefer a lighter option, then opting for Kashmir Gold Granite will definitely be a great option. This background color will make a change from light to mid-tone and different types of veining will also be nice. 
  • Indian Dakota: Indian Dakota Granite is a darker toned granite tile. This is available in polished feature which include medium brown color. The darker veins within these tiles have also given an exotic appearance to these tiles.
  • Impala Black Granite: If you are in search for some black shades with dark grays, then going for Impala Black Granite will surely attract you a lot. These tiles are available in a shade of 12 x 12.

Apart from those features, these tiles are also easy to maintain and have a long life too.


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