Do you fancy glass tiles on shower walls?

Though the idea of putting glass tiles in wet areas is a bit of a bother… selecting the appropriate tiles is the matter to be carefully considered rather than the installation. Glass tiles cracking were not meant to tolerate moisture and maybe lacked in quality. If the glue for installation dissolves in water, that is a great mistake indeed, separating the mesh backing. Without an anti-microbial system, the fungus would grow.

Good tile sellers take care and advise customers of the details and help choose appropriate tiles. Feel comfortable with our glass tiles. Decorate the shower well with the choicest tiles, recommended by our staff. Create pretty, sustaining shower walls with fancy glass mosaics or tub surrounds.

Ambrosia Interlocking Mosaic

Try this variety for an exceptional ambiance. It combines whirling browns, golds and tans in a stained glass mosaic. Go for the creativity to bless those warm or cool showers! Match those stunning colors with other bathroom colors like a maple vanity or brown towels.

 Fossil Canyon Mosaic 

Go strikingly contemporary by combining large sized tiles with mosaics for an accent stripe. What about highlighting dark gray tiles with Fossil Canyon Mosaic? FCM is truly elegant and reflects light with a crackle glass finish. The 1X1 tile blends the coolest shades of gray, beige and brown for a winsome feature wall as a vanity backdrop.

Venetian Café Mosaic

Create a transitional bathroom by combining a contemporary shower with traditional stuff too. A gold mirror perhaps. An antique vanity. VCM displays rich earthy shades, combining pale almond with ivory, chocolate, and taupe. Match them with a dark wood vanity.


Key Largo Interlocking Mosaic

Maybe try a focal point around the shower area? Relax with a Zen-like calm surrounding. KLIM combines four great shades of blue. Get contemporary without a fuss.

Blue Blend Mosaic

You could get modern with solid colors! Try this fancy glass mosaic in a few deep blue shades. With a back wall like that, you feel as if amidst a pool. Check out a few designer varieties for the shower.

Glass tiles and mosaics in those translucent hues have already spread through the town. Why not bring some of them home to grace your own daily existence? Though they would be nicely installed wherever you please, the bathroom would love it. Decide on specific designs and colors, feelings and emotions. A discussion with our professional would sure light up the way dramatically indeed.



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