Natural Stones Or Look Alike Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles mimic natural stones. They look alike and the designers try to make them very natural. When a real design is available in porcelain and less maintenance is required then why to go for a natural one. There are lots of controversies and confusions for decision making. Look into the tiles personally and investigate before purchasing.  It is better to consider some points given below.


If budget is the main concern then porcelain tiles may prove to be the best. They do not cost more than the natural stone. Installation charges and maintenance are the next consideration. Emperador Dark Marble gives a royal look to the kitchen flooring. Though the cost of natural stone may splurge the budget, there is always resale value added to the house.


People go for easy care options which do not require any maintenance cost. Treviso Cemento Porcelain is a brilliant choice and a beautiful option. The colors on it are so realistic and mimic the natural stone. It is hard to differentiate this tile with the natural stone. Rather than Vinyl and Laminate, this proves to be a wise choice.

Durable And Less Maintenance:

For people with more kids and pets, Focus Graphite Porcelain is the best choice. Almost all the porcelain tiles are resistant to chipping, scratching, and stain. There is no necessity of application of sealant every year to block the pores.

Tuscany Platinum Travertine is a lovely tile with beige color prominent. If natural stones are used then it has to be sealed or they prone to absorb water. This may cause damage and stains. It is very necessary for the people choosing the natural stone to get the sealing done regularly to avoid any problems in future.


It is difficult to differentiate between the porcelain and natural stone tiles. Inkjet printing has got the porcelain tiles closer to the natural ones. When natural and man-made porcelain is placed next to each other it is very difficult to know the difference. But the elegance got by the natural stone cannot be replicated by them completely. Jak Slate tiles have the unique color and looks of a natural stone.

Going more natural in appearance and color Bernini Bianco Pietra Porcelain gives the perfect looks of a natural stone. It is always tough to decide when there are two things which replicate each other. It is better to decide considering budget, lifestyle and our personal taste. Priority has to be given to durability and maintenance so that we do not repent in the long run.



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