Paving Your Backyard With Flagstones Or Tiles

Owning a home is not very easy. There is some problem every time. If there are two days leave then we have to spend them on repairs. There are money and time spent on such projects. Either they are DIY or worker projects. Putting shelves in the garage, changing the wallpapers, changing the kitchen sink or faucet and creating a new landscape in the backyard or front lawn are some of the works which may be done often. There are many types of tiles available for pavers and stepping stones in the market. The backyard can be turned attractive with these tiles.

Get a spectacular backyard by changing or laying the tiles. If it is difficult to decide then take the help of friends or relatives. Here is a guide for your installation.

Pick The Correct Paver: There are a lot of hardscape tiles in the market. It is better to investigate to get the correct flagstone, tiles or cobbles suiting the plans of the landscape. Decide whether it is a flagstone pattern, interlocking or simple grid pattern. There are kits available which have acorrect number of tiles which can make the project work easier.

Materials Required:  Tools required here is shovel and trowels, tamper, hamper, grading rake level, dead-blow mallet, hammer and a measuring tape. For installing the tiles gravel, sand, coarse dirt landscape edging boards for corners are required. If you are good at DIY then we can continue or it is always better to hire professional workers.

Prepare The Walkway:  Make the walkway clear by pulling out the grass and weeds. If any roots are left then they may grow to spoil the whole project. By measuring the area, we will be able to know the number of tiles required for the walkway. Golden White Flagstone Quartzite is ideal for pavers.

Slope For Drainage: As these stones are placed outside there has to be a slope for the water to flow into the drain. The slope is created by giving ¼ inch slope per paver.

Boards for defining: 2×4 inches boards are used for straight places and for curves flexible edges are used. These boards give the perfect support for the installation. After the project is finished these boards are to be removed.

For Installation: Put one layer of gravel and then dirt and sand to make a level for installation. Use a rake to level it for installing tiles. Tuscany Porcini Tumbled Travertine Tiles are perfect for backyard landscape installation.

Use a Hand Tamper: Using this extra sand is removed for final grading.

Laying The pavers: Place the pavers on the sand from the top rather than sliding it. This will not disturb the leveling of the sand.

Put Sand For Filling: Spreading the sand and then spreading it with a broom will fill the sand in between the spaces of the pavers. Basalt Blue Pavers are also good for landscape walkways. After installation, the wooden frames can be removed.

Before starting the work it is always better to measure the area perfectly. If it is a DIY project it is better to do a practice project to get a perfect finish. If a paver is accidentally slid on the sand then it is better to make the surface smooth and then place the paver again.



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