Break the predictable use of natural stone and find something untouched

The manufacturers have used symphony of colors in some current natural stone material. Owners should know how the catchy colors are maintaining the origin of the interior backsplashes boldly. Now, many designers are applying top class bricks of the natural stone category to bring some unpredictability and innovation in fad. The backsplash design of modern days is depending on the constantly changing factors of heat, pressure, light, water and other issues. Therefore, designers are using various materials for different walls of the house. These tactics became precious for its utility and beauty.

bathroom with nature.PNG

Why natural stones?

Here, the readers would know about two aspects of natural stones.

  • Firstly, the exclusive color combinations, textures, patterns and materials of natural stone models are enhancing the class of the decoration. The entire visual of every model includes personality on the walls.
  • Secondly, the chemistry, heat and pressure resistance power of the models are unparallel. It stays for a long time and the durability is recognizable as well.

jade green slate.jpg

Follow the trends:

As the natural stones are being recognized for its excellent visual and powerful functions, therefore, the designers are applying different models nowadays. Here, the owners would know about the current fad.

Limestone – it was a popular material. People may see the use of limestone in churches, castles, and forts. The subterranean water system has been applied to form the limestone material. Now, the designers have broken the traditional patterns and textures and provided a unique touch. The exclusive colors and details on the surface made the limestone useful for the kitchen backsplash décor. “Coastal Sand” and “Sunny Dark” may increase the value of your ancient backsplash.

black oak.png

Sandstone – this belongs to the world’s preliminary stone category. Sandstone is a tight formation of quartz. The durable material was shown in the historic architectures. Now, the manufacturers have changed a little bit of the layout to apply it on backsplashes. The changes have stroked the market. Now, “Castle Earth Natural Stone Veneers”, “Brown Wave Stacked Stone” and “Fossil Rustic” are very popular collections.


Marble – the traditional material of Greece and Rome is one of the most precious items of the modern market. Marble tile has earned the symbol of art name for its function and look. Now, “Café Forest“, “Emperador Dark“, “Crema Cappuccino“, “Calacatta Gold“, and many others of the list are applied in the bathrooms to craft the world class bathroom designs. Americans have taken the authentic marbles and the world adores the models now.


Slate and travertine are two popular natural stone categories that are used in the backsplashes nowadays. The designers are using the matt texture of slate in vintage interior decoration. Travertine has a sophisticated approach that fits with the high rise interior plans very well.



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