Encaustic Tiles With Medieval Designs Are Trendy

The tiles having designs of the walls of Mediterranean villas, European Monasteries, foyers or fireplaces of the Victorian homes are available in the market now. History has repeated and people still like those designs from history. The brand new tiles are manufactured by the designers and are found in spas, homes, terraces, restaurants, and hotels. The whole space gets a new look and brings the same charm and nostalgic appearance.

Encaustic tiles are basically made out of clay. They are burnt to be made and thus get the name encaustic. There are many basic patterns on the surface like symbols, floral, geometric and many others.

Mix And Match Collection

The Kenzzi collection is a trendsetter. They have versatile designs and very low maintenance. In this collection, there are six patterns of geometrics and floral with two ceramic wall tile design with a glossy finish.   There are people who can mix and match these tile designs to make a beautiful space. They can be matched according to the place where they are used like flooring, backsplash, and walls. They can be used with unique design also to give a subway look.

The designers are playing with the complex patterns of the tiles in Kenzzi collection. There are La Fleur, Dekora, Mixana, Metrica, Paloma, Anya, Brina and Leira here. All looks clean modern and fresh when installed. They are good for bathroom, kitchen or any other room. There are designs of triangles in Metrica, graphics in Paloma, flora in La Fleur Dekora and Leira. Home- owners can play with the patterns here.

Define the Design In A Plain Background

When the whole bathroom has white color it looks plain. If Paloma and Mixana are introduced to the flooring or to the shower surrounds then there is a whisper of design into the bathroom. The color and pattern give the space a character and drama.

Kenzzi tiles can be mixed and put with the plain tiles. If colors are matched there is a design to add dimension to space. They can be used for walls or flooring. If some imagination is used the whole work looks creative.

Many entryways and mudrooms are neglected. If encaustic tiles are added here to give a new air of freshness then the whole space goes lively. If the background is plain then these designed tiles give more décor. These tiles are durable and are resistant to foot traffic and moisture.

Instead of creating an accent wall with paint it is more durable to install the Kenzzi Dekora. This gives a special meaning to the bathroom. The design of the tiles becomes the focal point. These tiles are meant for wet zones and the décor is a bonus here.

When the background of the kitchen is completely neutral a dose of liveliness is added by the soft gray and white encaustic tiles. Whether it is on the floor or on the walls there is a bold design added to space. Plain counter top and cabinet will be defined by such a backsplash. There is a whirling tend of designs in the encaustic tiles.



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