Natural Stones To Give Opulent Finishes Outdoors Or Indoors


Each stone has its own pattern and color in nature. They are used by people to decorate their homes. The natural stone resists the allergic organisms and dust too. There are many reasons for the builders and house owners to choose a particular type of natural stone. Given below are a few types of stones.



Durability and elegance are the main characters of this stone. When used inside the house the ambiance of the house changes completely. Antiquity and luxury are reflected by using these tiles. There are many patterns and colors available. Though marble is preferred for its white beauty, there are other varieties also looking beautiful equally. The living room is the best place to display this stone to give a pristine look.

Marble is fragile and needs skilled laborers to handle it. The substrate should be able to carry the heavy weight of this stone. Honing may help to achieve an anti-skid surface. After installation, it is better not to use abrasives for cleaning.



Granite is robust with beautiful grains on the surface. It is versatile and can be used for exteriors or interiors of the house. Using the same stone for both floor and walls will cut cost. If local granite is purchased also the cost will be affordable.

Green, Pearl, Galaxy and green are the colors of granite. As much the surface is polished so much it shines. Honed granite is preferred for outdoors.



This stone is porous. It can be cut into thin tiles. Black, gray and gold colors are available in slate. This tile is suitable for both wet and dry areas. It is stain resistant and can be used for kitchen, bathroom, kitchen and dining room. Regular sealing is necessary to keep the surface in good condition. Stains and scratches can be avoided only if it is made impermeable. Do not use citric acid or vinegar on the surface. The earthly colors give warmth and texture if used in the bedroom.


Sandstone 1.PNG

This stone is available in more colors and grains. It is durable and gives warmth to the house. Its rocky look gives the natural touch. Whether it is outdoors or indoor this stone gives a stunning look.


Limestone 1.PNG

This is basically a sedimentary rock. There is an array of colors from cream to charcoal available. It matches the traditional and contemporary style of decors. It is a soft porous rock. Many builders prefer to tumble or polish with sand to get a rough look. It gives an elegant look and easy to clean or maintain.


limestone 2.PNG

This is a black limestone. It is hard and not porous. It can tolerate more wear and tear. Honed surfaces give an extraordinary look to the interiors.

The other variety of lime stone is Kota Stone. Here blue, green and brown color is visible in the stone. Its anti-skid and non-porous characteristics make it most wanted for outdoors. The colors look opulent with a beautiful texture.

kota stone.PNG


travertine 1.PNG
This stone is a bit cheaper than the lime stone. Its matte finish makes it anti-skid. They are used for shower surrounds, walkways and paving. They are porous and do not get heated easily. If it has to be used indoor the resin is filled in the holes and then a sealant is used. Colors available here are cream, gold, and ivory. Many builders prefer to hone the surface to match with modern decors.



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