The Journey From Bedrock To Countertop

When we look the countertop in an elegant kitchen, we do not think about the birth of this stone. This is a part of the earth crust which was dug from the earth and cut into slabs. The stone is cut into huge pieces in the quarry. These pieces are got to the factory and carefully cut into thin slices. The slices are the slabs found in the kitchen as countertops. But they are polished to get the dazzle on the surface. The grains and veins are the natural designs in nature.

sandy cove quartz

Granite is basically an igneous rock. Though it is thought that this stone is a light, this pumice is from cooling lava. They can be heavy and hard. The lava under the earth crust cools down slowly to form this rock. This cooling takes over millions of years. Gases were trapped in the lava and mixed with quartz to get the shining. These rocks are formed with large crystals. The springs underground, tectonic plate’s variation, mineral deposits and temperature fluctuation and pressure are some of the variants helping to form this rock. These variants change the color and designs on the rock from region to region. So every granite piece does not resemble the other.

Luna Pearl.jpg

Many Types of Extraction

The process of collection of rock begins from the quarry. It is in India and Brazil there are the finest quarries in the world. The granite is first removed from the earth. The quarry owners use three methods to extract granite: Stone Cut, Air Bag, and Blast. For stone cut, machinery is used to cut the slices. Air bag method uses air to make a blast. A hole is drilled and blast is made to separate the granite from the other pieces. All the methods are tedious and need laborers.

Polishing The Surface

Cutting the slabs and finishing them makes to the consumer and this makes all the difference. These slabs are further cut to workable sizes using wire saws. Water is poured on the stone to keep it cool while cutting. These slabs are further taken to the factory to cut them into the correct shape and smoothen on all the sides. This smoothening gives the necessary polish and takes out the rough edges. These pieces are honed, polished or brushed to give different surfaces. The slabs cut from one rock are tried to be kept together and used for larger projects. The local fabricators will cut the slabs to the necessary size.

The granite has many stages in its life. It would be a rock, then a slab and then it is countertop or flooring tile. It is the wonder of the Mother Nature right into our house. It is unique, renewable, abundant and beautiful. This is the nature’s gift of design and color, decorating the house in different parts.


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