Get the right grout color for tile backsplashes

Choices may sometimes be difficult and it is good if you succeeded at finding the right tile backsplashes to adorn the kitchen and bathrooms. Pleased with tile colors, designs and shapes, now find the most appropriate grout colors that attract the attention to overall patterns or individual tiles. Would you choose light or dark neutrals?

Matching Timeless Neutrals like with Beige Crema

All-white kitchen or monochrome? The grout color should blend with the tile color. Details on the backsplash would then be visible. Marble or subway tiles would acquire a classic appearance. Make sure that the light colored grout is sealed for color protection and from the mold. Kitchens and bathrooms are exposed to rough use.

Creating the Right Contrast like with Metallic Gray

Overall layouts or designs are stressed with a contrasting grout. Dark or light grout would attract attention to glass mosaic tiles, herringbones and chevron. Create a consistent color pattern by repeating a grout color found in cabinets, countertops and fixtures. Alternatively, use a current shade for a modern approach to a classic tile. Gray grout goes well with white subway tiles for a contemporary effect. If dirt is the problem, use a dark shade of grout with a light tile. Yet, dark colors fade in sunlight.

Testing Grout Colors like with Black Blend Tile

Some experiments would help to get colors and effects in focus! Similar to trying out backsplash mosaics in the kitchen and bathroom, test a few grout colors within the room. Place a few tiles on a wooden plank next to some grout colors. Try the test in various areas of the room and at different times of the day to understand the effects of light on color shades. Appearances of grout and tiles do change under the impact of LED bulbs or fluorescent light.

With so many types of backsplash tiles and colors of grout, perhaps the choices are already made. If further inspiration is needed, we have plenty of varieties waiting online and in the store. Study the guide that presents creative tile combinations that include striking marble and linear glass.

The choices of tiles available are almost infinite as a result of fusing artistic creativity with technology. An excellent choice would be the many metal mosaics in our collection. Metals are blended with stone, glass and porcelain that result in exotic tiles indeed. Start matching tiles and grout color to see which work best in light or dark grout shades.



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