Porcelain pavers: an excellent way to give your backyard a unique look

While any homeowner is planning on renovating the house, he or she will also plan for making the backyard more gorgeous. Here every homeowner will surely look for best the designs and patterns which can make the outdoor just awesome. Among these various head turning styles, porcelain pavers have become quite popular in recent days. These are available in huge numbers of styles and sizes and one can select the best option for designing and decorating backyards. Well, there are certain myths about porcelain tiles and one should know about these styles.

  • It is said that these tiles are too scorching underfoot. To avoid this it is suggested that if you are living in a hot sunny area then it will be great to choose strips of pale or light colors. These light colored pavers will create a comfort zone for you.
  • Another myth is that porcelain tiles are slippery when these get wet. But, this is totally a misconception as these strips are designed with slip resistant features and these are being widely used around pool areas.
  • It is also said that durability of these stones is not same as other natural stone. This myth is entirely a fake statement. Actually, the pavers made of this stone are quite durable and hugely used in commercial places where high traffic is there.
  • Many think that sealing is required for porcelain pavers, but this is untrue. These are never porous like other natural stones.
  • Some think that pavers made of porcelain are not suitable for cold climates, but till date, no crack has been noticed on the surface made of this tile during winter seasons.
  • Porcelain is not porous as natural stones and hence these do not require to be maintained on a regular basis. These are available with stain resistant features and these never get discolored. Hence, the belief that these tiles will require huge maintenance is simply a fake concept. These can be cleaned with water only.
  • The appearance of these designs is always natural and always gives a unique look to your house. Hence those feel that these never show a natural look, they have a misconception about these tiles. This also goes perfectly with wood and stone and hence one can use within the home.
  • Many homeowners believe that these will go fade in the sun and hence these are not suitable to use within the outdoor areas. But this is not true at all. Pavers made of this porcelain tiles are able to remain intact under the sun.

Hence paver made of porcelain tiles is just perfect for backyard designing.

Get the right grout color for tile backsplashes

Choices may sometimes be difficult and it is good if you succeeded at finding the right tile backsplashes to adorn the kitchen and bathrooms. Pleased with tile colors, designs and shapes, now find the most appropriate grout colors that attract the attention to overall patterns or individual tiles. Would you choose light or dark neutrals?

Matching Timeless Neutrals like with Beige Crema

All-white kitchen or monochrome? The grout color should blend with the tile color. Details on the backsplash would then be visible. Marble or subway tiles would acquire a classic appearance. Make sure that the light colored grout is sealed for color protection and from the mold. Kitchens and bathrooms are exposed to rough use.

Creating the Right Contrast like with Metallic Gray

Overall layouts or designs are stressed with a contrasting grout. Dark or light grout would attract attention to glass mosaic tiles, herringbones and chevron. Create a consistent color pattern by repeating a grout color found in cabinets, countertops and fixtures. Alternatively, use a current shade for a modern approach to a classic tile. Gray grout goes well with white subway tiles for a contemporary effect. If dirt is the problem, use a dark shade of grout with a light tile. Yet, dark colors fade in sunlight.

Testing Grout Colors like with Black Blend Tile

Some experiments would help to get colors and effects in focus! Similar to trying out backsplash mosaics in the kitchen and bathroom, test a few grout colors within the room. Place a few tiles on a wooden plank next to some grout colors. Try the test in various areas of the room and at different times of the day to understand the effects of light on color shades. Appearances of grout and tiles do change under the impact of LED bulbs or fluorescent light.

With so many types of backsplash tiles and colors of grout, perhaps the choices are already made. If further inspiration is needed, we have plenty of varieties waiting online and in the store. Study the guide that presents creative tile combinations that include striking marble and linear glass.

The choices of tiles available are almost infinite as a result of fusing artistic creativity with technology. An excellent choice would be the many metal mosaics in our collection. Metals are blended with stone, glass and porcelain that result in exotic tiles indeed. Start matching tiles and grout color to see which work best in light or dark grout shades.


Excellent home decoration ideas with shades of white

A kitchen with white countertops and same flooring is always in style. Since the past, among the homeowners and the professional interior designers, various shades of this color have always remained famous. Flooring, backsplashes, designed with natural stones are able to give your house a stunning look. Well, let us take a look at various designs made with shades of this color.

  • If you want to design the kitchen with natural stones, then it will be a nice selection to decorate the kitchen and flooring with marble countertops. These countertops will also become gorgeous if you place white colored cabinets. Again, travertine flooring with Roman Veincut is also able to make the give your kitchen a fabulous appearance.
  • White marble wall tile is also another excellent style for home decoration. Polished Porcelain mosaic and wall tile of light colors are just awesome for all types of flooring and countertops. These tiles will give a high gloss surface and will amaze the guest at your home. Bathrooms too will become gorgeous by installing such tiles. You can also apply a Scandinavian design which delivers an unfussy look within your home.

  • Countertops are always a prime part within every kitchen and here it is required to be designed in a unique way so that it will give an outstanding appearance. Hence, opting for granite countertops with white shades will surely give your house an excellent look. There is no doubt that a small space will look more spacious with a different style of light colors. Every home designer loves this design and they also opt for colorless subway tiles.

  • If you want to make the bathroom and kitchen more spacious, then going for an open floor plan will surely become a nice idea. This idea will become successful with continuous surface flooring. White shades of marble or tiles are able to make space broader with unique and modern designs. Once you select this option, you can be able to visualize the dramatic effect of white marbles and tiles. Even the outdoors too will become gorgeous and pleasant with these excellent light walls.

  • Are you interested in designing the cooking area and bathrooms with backsplashes and slabs? Well, then opting porcelain tiles for designing slabs will surely be the best choice.

Hence, if you are interested in giving your house a different look, then application of white shades for cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes will no doubt win your heart.


Today’s mosaic: perfect wood finish design with Porcelain

For flooring, wall designing and countertops, hardwood has always been in huge demand since the past. The classic look and attractive decoration of hardwood have always given a new dimension to the flooring and wall designing. The prime reason to select the hardwood design is its various appearances, such as casual or rustic or luxurious, etc. This design is also available in different patterns and hence these are quite famous since the past.

Well, this wood flooring possesses lots of disadvantages too. Homeowners need to bear the huge expense to main this flooring. Again, to carry on this type of flooring, lots of trees are cut every year and this is quite harmful to the environment. Hence, the alternative material is being used in recent day to meet the huge demand for hardwood flooring.

Wood look porcelain is the best alternative and this will create a gorgeous look to your home. Here we can take a look at the different designs of porcelain to make your home just awesome.

  • Palmetto Fog: to get a fine hardwood look, every homeowner can select palmetto Fog. For every type of room this wood look porcelain is just perfect. Durability and easy maintenance have made this design quite famous.

  • Natural design: To get simple aesthetic flooring, one can definitely select the natural design of porcelain tile. The hardwood design of this tile has become extremely famous in recent days. Well, you need to be a bit careful in maintaining this design as this is fragile.

  • Aspenwood Amber: If you are looking for perfect hardwood designs for kitchen countertops or backsplashes or bathroom flooring, then installing this Aspenwood Amber porcelain tile will surely meet your demand. The wood grain look of this tile is able to give a realistic wood appearance.

  • Stone: The mild-gray stone look of porcelain tiles is able to give a nice appearance to the bathroom and kitchen. The real wood look will surely make you surprise and you will just love the designs.

  • Musk: Musk is another excellent wood look style of porcelain and this once you install this style it will definitely give your house a stunning look. Apart from authentic style, this design bears a low cost. Again, installation and maintenance processes of these tiles are extremely easy.

If you are willing to install this tile around the fireplace, then it will definitely enhance the look of that area.

Well, here you just need to get in touch with professionals to install the best hardwood design within the home.


The Journey From Bedrock To Countertop

When we look the countertop in an elegant kitchen, we do not think about the birth of this stone. This is a part of the earth crust which was dug from the earth and cut into slabs. The stone is cut into huge pieces in the quarry. These pieces are got to the factory and carefully cut into thin slices. The slices are the slabs found in the kitchen as countertops. But they are polished to get the dazzle on the surface. The grains and veins are the natural designs in nature.

sandy cove quartz

Granite is basically an igneous rock. Though it is thought that this stone is a light, this pumice is from cooling lava. They can be heavy and hard. The lava under the earth crust cools down slowly to form this rock. This cooling takes over millions of years. Gases were trapped in the lava and mixed with quartz to get the shining. These rocks are formed with large crystals. The springs underground, tectonic plate’s variation, mineral deposits and temperature fluctuation and pressure are some of the variants helping to form this rock. These variants change the color and designs on the rock from region to region. So every granite piece does not resemble the other.

Luna Pearl.jpg

Many Types of Extraction

The process of collection of rock begins from the quarry. It is in India and Brazil there are the finest quarries in the world. The granite is first removed from the earth. The quarry owners use three methods to extract granite: Stone Cut, Air Bag, and Blast. For stone cut, machinery is used to cut the slices. Air bag method uses air to make a blast. A hole is drilled and blast is made to separate the granite from the other pieces. All the methods are tedious and need laborers.

Polishing The Surface

Cutting the slabs and finishing them makes to the consumer and this makes all the difference. These slabs are further cut to workable sizes using wire saws. Water is poured on the stone to keep it cool while cutting. These slabs are further taken to the factory to cut them into the correct shape and smoothen on all the sides. This smoothening gives the necessary polish and takes out the rough edges. These pieces are honed, polished or brushed to give different surfaces. The slabs cut from one rock are tried to be kept together and used for larger projects. The local fabricators will cut the slabs to the necessary size.

The granite has many stages in its life. It would be a rock, then a slab and then it is countertop or flooring tile. It is the wonder of the Mother Nature right into our house. It is unique, renewable, abundant and beautiful. This is the nature’s gift of design and color, decorating the house in different parts.

Natural Stones To Give Opulent Finishes Outdoors Or Indoors


Each stone has its own pattern and color in nature. They are used by people to decorate their homes. The natural stone resists the allergic organisms and dust too. There are many reasons for the builders and house owners to choose a particular type of natural stone. Given below are a few types of stones.



Durability and elegance are the main characters of this stone. When used inside the house the ambiance of the house changes completely. Antiquity and luxury are reflected by using these tiles. There are many patterns and colors available. Though marble is preferred for its white beauty, there are other varieties also looking beautiful equally. The living room is the best place to display this stone to give a pristine look.

Marble is fragile and needs skilled laborers to handle it. The substrate should be able to carry the heavy weight of this stone. Honing may help to achieve an anti-skid surface. After installation, it is better not to use abrasives for cleaning.



Granite is robust with beautiful grains on the surface. It is versatile and can be used for exteriors or interiors of the house. Using the same stone for both floor and walls will cut cost. If local granite is purchased also the cost will be affordable.

Green, Pearl, Galaxy and green are the colors of granite. As much the surface is polished so much it shines. Honed granite is preferred for outdoors.



This stone is porous. It can be cut into thin tiles. Black, gray and gold colors are available in slate. This tile is suitable for both wet and dry areas. It is stain resistant and can be used for kitchen, bathroom, kitchen and dining room. Regular sealing is necessary to keep the surface in good condition. Stains and scratches can be avoided only if it is made impermeable. Do not use citric acid or vinegar on the surface. The earthly colors give warmth and texture if used in the bedroom.


Sandstone 1.PNG

This stone is available in more colors and grains. It is durable and gives warmth to the house. Its rocky look gives the natural touch. Whether it is outdoors or indoor this stone gives a stunning look.


Limestone 1.PNG

This is basically a sedimentary rock. There is an array of colors from cream to charcoal available. It matches the traditional and contemporary style of decors. It is a soft porous rock. Many builders prefer to tumble or polish with sand to get a rough look. It gives an elegant look and easy to clean or maintain.


limestone 2.PNG

This is a black limestone. It is hard and not porous. It can tolerate more wear and tear. Honed surfaces give an extraordinary look to the interiors.

The other variety of lime stone is Kota Stone. Here blue, green and brown color is visible in the stone. Its anti-skid and non-porous characteristics make it most wanted for outdoors. The colors look opulent with a beautiful texture.

kota stone.PNG


travertine 1.PNG
This stone is a bit cheaper than the lime stone. Its matte finish makes it anti-skid. They are used for shower surrounds, walkways and paving. They are porous and do not get heated easily. If it has to be used indoor the resin is filled in the holes and then a sealant is used. Colors available here are cream, gold, and ivory. Many builders prefer to hone the surface to match with modern decors.


Encaustic Tiles With Medieval Designs Are Trendy

The tiles having designs of the walls of Mediterranean villas, European Monasteries, foyers or fireplaces of the Victorian homes are available in the market now. History has repeated and people still like those designs from history. The brand new tiles are manufactured by the designers and are found in spas, homes, terraces, restaurants, and hotels. The whole space gets a new look and brings the same charm and nostalgic appearance.

Encaustic tiles are basically made out of clay. They are burnt to be made and thus get the name encaustic. There are many basic patterns on the surface like symbols, floral, geometric and many others.

Mix And Match Collection

The Kenzzi collection is a trendsetter. They have versatile designs and very low maintenance. In this collection, there are six patterns of geometrics and floral with two ceramic wall tile design with a glossy finish.   There are people who can mix and match these tile designs to make a beautiful space. They can be matched according to the place where they are used like flooring, backsplash, and walls. They can be used with unique design also to give a subway look.

The designers are playing with the complex patterns of the tiles in Kenzzi collection. There are La Fleur, Dekora, Mixana, Metrica, Paloma, Anya, Brina and Leira here. All looks clean modern and fresh when installed. They are good for bathroom, kitchen or any other room. There are designs of triangles in Metrica, graphics in Paloma, flora in La Fleur Dekora and Leira. Home- owners can play with the patterns here.

Define the Design In A Plain Background

When the whole bathroom has white color it looks plain. If Paloma and Mixana are introduced to the flooring or to the shower surrounds then there is a whisper of design into the bathroom. The color and pattern give the space a character and drama.

Kenzzi tiles can be mixed and put with the plain tiles. If colors are matched there is a design to add dimension to space. They can be used for walls or flooring. If some imagination is used the whole work looks creative.

Many entryways and mudrooms are neglected. If encaustic tiles are added here to give a new air of freshness then the whole space goes lively. If the background is plain then these designed tiles give more décor. These tiles are durable and are resistant to foot traffic and moisture.

Instead of creating an accent wall with paint it is more durable to install the Kenzzi Dekora. This gives a special meaning to the bathroom. The design of the tiles becomes the focal point. These tiles are meant for wet zones and the décor is a bonus here.

When the background of the kitchen is completely neutral a dose of liveliness is added by the soft gray and white encaustic tiles. Whether it is on the floor or on the walls there is a bold design added to space. Plain counter top and cabinet will be defined by such a backsplash. There is a whirling tend of designs in the encaustic tiles.


Ceramic tiles have broken the mediocre bathroom design thoughts in current times

The modern textures, beautiful color combinations and thoughtful layouts of the ceramic tiles are the gizmos of bathroom design. The ceramic tile collection would keep the bathroom remodeling in the budget. Style seek owners can achieve their desired bathroom design with the current ceramic tile models. Along with the look, the functional side is lucrative as well. Resistance power, easy cleaning surface and low investment on the maintenance would bring the relief. Therefore, the owners can go for the ceramic fashion to relish the benefits.

Master bathroom décor:

Whether the owners are seeking the best design idea for their master bathroom, then they must see the Beige Nepa Ceramic Tile application. The style would turn the master bathroom into a perfect place for time spending. The ingredients are impactful for creating a luxurious bathroom. 20×20 tile size of natural stone appearance has swirl warm clouds and heavier tone of veins. The entire approach of the tile would take the owners to the beach.

Historical bathroom layout:

If you want to add historical aspects into your bathroom, then old antique white subway tiles would be the valuable option. The tile is not old; it named old, because of its appearance. It adds character with its exclusive brick design. The off-white color of 3×6 tiles would execute an old-world design with the glazed finish. If you can install antique mirrors and light cases, then a standout backdrop style would be completed.

Bold bathrooms:

Boldness depends on the designer’s ability. There is no such method of creating bold bathroom style. Yet, there are some tips. As the experts have shown their creation earlier, therefore, people can get a line of thinking. Dekora Ceramic Wall Tile has boldness in its layout. It can be used on the wall behind the tub. Beige, caramel brown, and white colors have been printed in a Spanish style. The medium brick sizes would give a proper shape that can add extra courage in that space.

Detailed designs:

If you are inspired by the Dekora Ceramic, then see the advanced detailing of Leira Ceramic Wall tile. The design is inspired by Spanish architecture, but it has a contrast of European detailing as well. The surface has huge dimensions, yet the grout counts are less. The result of its planning is less maintenance hazard, high resistance power, and amazing appearance. The color combination and strikes provide a dramatic layout in the bathrooms.

Sophisticated bathrooms:

Dymo Wavy White Ceramic tile proves a good gesture of the owners. The white color based glossy smooth surface of the tile would show the class and taste. According to its maintenance, durability, and affordability, the bricks would count benefits. Therefore, the selection would accomplish your sophisticated bathroom decoration craving.

Break the predictable use of natural stone and find something untouched

The manufacturers have used symphony of colors in some current natural stone material. Owners should know how the catchy colors are maintaining the origin of the interior backsplashes boldly. Now, many designers are applying top class bricks of the natural stone category to bring some unpredictability and innovation in fad. The backsplash design of modern days is depending on the constantly changing factors of heat, pressure, light, water and other issues. Therefore, designers are using various materials for different walls of the house. These tactics became precious for its utility and beauty.

bathroom with nature.PNG

Why natural stones?

Here, the readers would know about two aspects of natural stones.

  • Firstly, the exclusive color combinations, textures, patterns and materials of natural stone models are enhancing the class of the decoration. The entire visual of every model includes personality on the walls.
  • Secondly, the chemistry, heat and pressure resistance power of the models are unparallel. It stays for a long time and the durability is recognizable as well.

jade green slate.jpg

Follow the trends:

As the natural stones are being recognized for its excellent visual and powerful functions, therefore, the designers are applying different models nowadays. Here, the owners would know about the current fad.

Limestone – it was a popular material. People may see the use of limestone in churches, castles, and forts. The subterranean water system has been applied to form the limestone material. Now, the designers have broken the traditional patterns and textures and provided a unique touch. The exclusive colors and details on the surface made the limestone useful for the kitchen backsplash décor. “Coastal Sand” and “Sunny Dark” may increase the value of your ancient backsplash.

black oak.png

Sandstone – this belongs to the world’s preliminary stone category. Sandstone is a tight formation of quartz. The durable material was shown in the historic architectures. Now, the manufacturers have changed a little bit of the layout to apply it on backsplashes. The changes have stroked the market. Now, “Castle Earth Natural Stone Veneers”, “Brown Wave Stacked Stone” and “Fossil Rustic” are very popular collections.


Marble – the traditional material of Greece and Rome is one of the most precious items of the modern market. Marble tile has earned the symbol of art name for its function and look. Now, “Café Forest“, “Emperador Dark“, “Crema Cappuccino“, “Calacatta Gold“, and many others of the list are applied in the bathrooms to craft the world class bathroom designs. Americans have taken the authentic marbles and the world adores the models now.


Slate and travertine are two popular natural stone categories that are used in the backsplashes nowadays. The designers are using the matt texture of slate in vintage interior decoration. Travertine has a sophisticated approach that fits with the high rise interior plans very well.


Paving Your Backyard With Flagstones Or Tiles

Owning a home is not very easy. There is some problem every time. If there are two days leave then we have to spend them on repairs. There are money and time spent on such projects. Either they are DIY or worker projects. Putting shelves in the garage, changing the wallpapers, changing the kitchen sink or faucet and creating a new landscape in the backyard or front lawn are some of the works which may be done often. There are many types of tiles available for pavers and stepping stones in the market. The backyard can be turned attractive with these tiles.

Get a spectacular backyard by changing or laying the tiles. If it is difficult to decide then take the help of friends or relatives. Here is a guide for your installation.

Pick The Correct Paver: There are a lot of hardscape tiles in the market. It is better to investigate to get the correct flagstone, tiles or cobbles suiting the plans of the landscape. Decide whether it is a flagstone pattern, interlocking or simple grid pattern. There are kits available which have acorrect number of tiles which can make the project work easier.

Materials Required:  Tools required here is shovel and trowels, tamper, hamper, grading rake level, dead-blow mallet, hammer and a measuring tape. For installing the tiles gravel, sand, coarse dirt landscape edging boards for corners are required. If you are good at DIY then we can continue or it is always better to hire professional workers.

Prepare The Walkway:  Make the walkway clear by pulling out the grass and weeds. If any roots are left then they may grow to spoil the whole project. By measuring the area, we will be able to know the number of tiles required for the walkway. Golden White Flagstone Quartzite is ideal for pavers.

Slope For Drainage: As these stones are placed outside there has to be a slope for the water to flow into the drain. The slope is created by giving ¼ inch slope per paver.

Boards for defining: 2×4 inches boards are used for straight places and for curves flexible edges are used. These boards give the perfect support for the installation. After the project is finished these boards are to be removed.

For Installation: Put one layer of gravel and then dirt and sand to make a level for installation. Use a rake to level it for installing tiles. Tuscany Porcini Tumbled Travertine Tiles are perfect for backyard landscape installation.

Use a Hand Tamper: Using this extra sand is removed for final grading.

Laying The pavers: Place the pavers on the sand from the top rather than sliding it. This will not disturb the leveling of the sand.

Put Sand For Filling: Spreading the sand and then spreading it with a broom will fill the sand in between the spaces of the pavers. Basalt Blue Pavers are also good for landscape walkways. After installation, the wooden frames can be removed.

Before starting the work it is always better to measure the area perfectly. If it is a DIY project it is better to do a practice project to get a perfect finish. If a paver is accidentally slid on the sand then it is better to make the surface smooth and then place the paver again.