Paving Your Backyard With Flagstones Or Tiles

Owning a home is not very easy. There is some problem every time. If there are two days leave then we have to spend them on repairs. There are money and time spent on such projects. Either they are DIY or worker projects. Putting shelves in the garage, changing the wallpapers, changing the kitchen sink or faucet and creating a new landscape in the backyard or front lawn are some of the works which may be done often. There are many types of tiles available for pavers and stepping stones in the market. The backyard can be turned attractive with these tiles.

Get a spectacular backyard by changing or laying the tiles. If it is difficult to decide then take the help of friends or relatives. Here is a guide for your installation.

Pick The Correct Paver: There are a lot of hardscape tiles in the market. It is better to investigate to get the correct flagstone, tiles or cobbles suiting the plans of the landscape. Decide whether it is a flagstone pattern, interlocking or simple grid pattern. There are kits available which have acorrect number of tiles which can make the project work easier.

Materials Required:  Tools required here is shovel and trowels, tamper, hamper, grading rake level, dead-blow mallet, hammer and a measuring tape. For installing the tiles gravel, sand, coarse dirt landscape edging boards for corners are required. If you are good at DIY then we can continue or it is always better to hire professional workers.

Prepare The Walkway:  Make the walkway clear by pulling out the grass and weeds. If any roots are left then they may grow to spoil the whole project. By measuring the area, we will be able to know the number of tiles required for the walkway. Golden White Flagstone Quartzite is ideal for pavers.

Slope For Drainage: As these stones are placed outside there has to be a slope for the water to flow into the drain. The slope is created by giving ¼ inch slope per paver.

Boards for defining: 2×4 inches boards are used for straight places and for curves flexible edges are used. These boards give the perfect support for the installation. After the project is finished these boards are to be removed.

For Installation: Put one layer of gravel and then dirt and sand to make a level for installation. Use a rake to level it for installing tiles. Tuscany Porcini Tumbled Travertine Tiles are perfect for backyard landscape installation.

Use a Hand Tamper: Using this extra sand is removed for final grading.

Laying The pavers: Place the pavers on the sand from the top rather than sliding it. This will not disturb the leveling of the sand.

Put Sand For Filling: Spreading the sand and then spreading it with a broom will fill the sand in between the spaces of the pavers. Basalt Blue Pavers are also good for landscape walkways. After installation, the wooden frames can be removed.

Before starting the work it is always better to measure the area perfectly. If it is a DIY project it is better to do a practice project to get a perfect finish. If a paver is accidentally slid on the sand then it is better to make the surface smooth and then place the paver again.


Natural Stones Or Look Alike Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles mimic natural stones. They look alike and the designers try to make them very natural. When a real design is available in porcelain and less maintenance is required then why to go for a natural one. There are lots of controversies and confusions for decision making. Look into the tiles personally and investigate before purchasing.  It is better to consider some points given below.


If budget is the main concern then porcelain tiles may prove to be the best. They do not cost more than the natural stone. Installation charges and maintenance are the next consideration. Emperador Dark Marble gives a royal look to the kitchen flooring. Though the cost of natural stone may splurge the budget, there is always resale value added to the house.


People go for easy care options which do not require any maintenance cost. Treviso Cemento Porcelain is a brilliant choice and a beautiful option. The colors on it are so realistic and mimic the natural stone. It is hard to differentiate this tile with the natural stone. Rather than Vinyl and Laminate, this proves to be a wise choice.

Durable And Less Maintenance:

For people with more kids and pets, Focus Graphite Porcelain is the best choice. Almost all the porcelain tiles are resistant to chipping, scratching, and stain. There is no necessity of application of sealant every year to block the pores.

Tuscany Platinum Travertine is a lovely tile with beige color prominent. If natural stones are used then it has to be sealed or they prone to absorb water. This may cause damage and stains. It is very necessary for the people choosing the natural stone to get the sealing done regularly to avoid any problems in future.


It is difficult to differentiate between the porcelain and natural stone tiles. Inkjet printing has got the porcelain tiles closer to the natural ones. When natural and man-made porcelain is placed next to each other it is very difficult to know the difference. But the elegance got by the natural stone cannot be replicated by them completely. Jak Slate tiles have the unique color and looks of a natural stone.

Going more natural in appearance and color Bernini Biance Pietra Porcelain gives the perfect looks of a natural stone. It is always tough to decide when there are two things which replicate each other. It is better to decide considering budget, lifestyle and our personal taste. Priority has to be given to durability and maintenance so that we do not repent in the long run.


Do you fancy glass tiles on shower walls?

Though the idea of putting glass tiles in wet areas is a bit of a bother… selecting the appropriate tiles is the matter to be carefully considered rather than the installation. Glass tiles cracking were not meant to tolerate moisture and maybe lacked in quality. If the glue for installation dissolves in water, that is a great mistake indeed, separating the mesh backing. Without an anti-microbial system, the fungus would grow.

Good tile sellers take care and advise customers of the details and help choose appropriate tiles. Feel comfortable with our glass tiles. Decorate the shower well with the choicest tiles, recommended by our staff. Create pretty, sustaining shower walls with fancy glass mosaics or tub surrounds.

Ambrosia Interlocking Mosaic

Try this variety for an exceptional ambiance. It combines whirling browns, golds and tans in a stained glass mosaic. Go for the creativity to bless those warm or cool showers! Match those stunning colors with other bathroom colors like a maple vanity or brown towels.

 Fossil Canyon Mosaic 

Go strikingly contemporary by combining large sized tiles with mosaics for an accent stripe. What about highlighting dark gray tiles with Fossil Canyon Mosaic? FCM is truly elegant and reflects light with a crackle glass finish. The 1X1 tile blends the coolest shades of gray, beige and brown for a winsome feature wall as a vanity backdrop.

Venetian Café Mosaic

Create a transitional bathroom by combining a contemporary shower with traditional stuff too. A gold mirror perhaps. An antique vanity. VCM displays rich earthy shades, combining pale almond with ivory, chocolate, and taupe. Match them with a dark wood vanity.


Key Largo Interlocking Mosaic

Maybe try a focal point around the shower area? Relax with a Zen-like calm surrounding. KLIM combines four great shades of blue. Get contemporary without a fuss.

Blue Blend Mosaic

You could get modern with solid colors! Try this fancy glass mosaic in a few deep blue shades. With a back wall like that, you feel as if amidst a pool. Check out a few designer varieties for the shower.

Glass tiles and mosaics in those translucent hues have already spread through the town. Why not bring some of them home to grace your own daily existence? Though they would be nicely installed wherever you please, the bathroom would love it. Decide on specific designs and colors, feelings and emotions. A discussion with our professional would sure light up the way dramatically indeed.


Take a look on some excellent designs of subway mosaic

Subway mosaic is able to add more excellence to your home as this style is able to give your house an exotic feeling. This will surely give more innovative ideas the interior decoration of your house. This mosaic will make the flooring of the entryway of your house quite attractive than its’ prior look. Other than flooring, for designing countertops too we can select these mosaic tiles. There are plethoras of choices available for these mosaic designs and here we can have a glimpse of these styles.

Artisan Taupe

This is available with an excellent blend of coffee and cream. Other than this shade, this tile is also available in various colors such as beige and brown. The sleek and natural stones show of flair of natural tiles and the sleek design definitely will surely feel all homeowners delighted. This particular design is also able to give the backsplash within your kitchen and bathroom a gorgeous appearance.

Coastal Sand

The name suggests that this particular tile style will give a beach like an appearance. Yes, it is absolutely true as this particular tile is able to give a coastal sand appearance within your home. This particular type of tile is available in limestone as well as in marble. Here you will get the soft tones of beiges and tans. This coastal sand style always adds an excellent warmth to the backsplash designs of within the kitchens and bathrooms.

Calacatta Gold

Marble tiles always attract every homeowner since past and today this Calacatta Gold has made it possible to grab more soothing designs of marbles. There is no doubt that this style is able to give a lavish ambiance within the house. At present, interior decoration has become quite gorgeous and people love this style due to its excellent look and durability.

Crema Marfil

This style is the great example of Spanish culture and approach. There is no doubt that Spanish culture and architecture is famous all around the world and Crema Marfil is the example of this great style. This will surely give a brand look to the interior designing of your house. A wonderful blend of traditional, as well as contemporary style, is able to make the flooring and backsplashes more attractive.

Giallo Crystal Onyx

Onyx is a rare stone and this stone is rarely used for countertops. But, when this tile is used for designing countertops, etc, you will get an exotic appearance of your house. These tiles are hugely used at present for different types of commercial as well as residential purposes.


Why are grouts trending on the backsplashes of up to date interior?

Interior design ideas are bringing high-end attraction with grout installation nowadays. The people can ask the question why? Here, they would know several aspects of grout in the interior. Saddle Canyon, Arctic Ice 4X12, Keystone Blend Interlocking, Café Forest and others are the popular grout materials and these are trending also. The items have distinguished specifications and layout so that it can provide different feels around the interiors. Generally, the grouts are used in the kitchen and bathroom backsplashes.

arctic ice.jpg

Follow the installation aspects:

  • Mosaic installation is one of the easiest self-accomplished projects because of its several fruitful sides.
  • You can fulfill the grout installation in a weekend.
  • The planning session needs to highlight three sides, tile model, grout color, contrast or same color scheming.

There are two types of grouts;

Sanded Grout – this type of grout is made by the sand so that the inner molecules are very strong. The set-up enhances the resistance power and it protects damaging tendencies. The rich color and matured shades of the sanded grouts creates the difference.

Unsanded Grout – the grouts that don’t make up with the sands. It is important for the 1/8″ bricks. Generally soft stone material is useful for unsanded material because sand can scratch the surface.

Draw several layouts:

  • Saddle Canyon is one of the perfect alternatives for the bathroom backsplashes. This is the unsanded material so that you can draw it randomly on the soft stone surface. Color scheming has the black, white and green craft. Setting a contemporary bathroom pattern with grout and thinner wall tiles would be easier.


  • Keystone Blend Interlocking Marble Mosaic has astonishing effect and appeal. It has a linear pattern, random arrangement and amazing mixture of white, blue and gray colored tiles. It is an unsanded grout made with glass and Arabescato Carrara marble. The stunning design and smooth finish can cover the shower surround or lower wall of the bathroom.



Rustic patterned grout design:

  • Boldly patterned café forest tiles have a different appearance. The gray, beige, ivory with the contrast of deep brown color matches with the rustic styles. The horizontal set-up can increase the visual interest.


  • The coffee brown with cream colored porcelain tile would look exotic in the bathroom. Walnut Porcelain tiles of 2X2 inches of bricks have neutrality. The depth in looks and strength in resistance power afford superb functional and appearance benefit to you.

Arctic ice.jpg

  • Arctic ice is a perfect option for the kitchen backsplash. 4X12 inches of brick has a glossy surface. You can create a bright kitchen with the polished, reflective and fresh item. It has low-maintenance and easy to clear specification.


Think different with Earth Tone Granite Tile

Flooring should always be done with excellent designs and here, depending on tile flooring will always be the best option. If you are willing to think in a different way regarding the flooring, then granite is always the best option. This natural stone is famous for flooring among the homeowners since past.


Flooring done with granite will not only enhance the value of your house, but this stone will give your flooring long lasting feature. These tiles won’t get stained so easily and these tiles will also not fade up so easily under the sun or heavy rain. Again, these tiles are easy to maintain and cost effective too. The presence of this natural stone can largely be observed in entryways or living rooms or bathrooms. Here you can surely select the earth tone granite tiles.


  • Tan Brown: In case you love to apply darker designs for flooring, then it will be just perfect if you select Tan Brown shade. This shade is available with black and gray shade, polished tiles are available in the sizes of 12 x 12 as well as 18 x 18.
  • New Venetial Gold: This will give a luxurious appearance to your house. The shades of the colors are available in a great combination of beige and golden tones. These tiles also look gorgeous with nice veins which are available in brown, gray and deep red shades. These tiles are also available in perfect polish in various sizes such as 12 x 12 and 18 x 18.
  • Giallo Fantasia: This particular flooring option will surely give your house an awesome appearance. These tiles are available in shades of huge variations such as Gold, Gray, Dark Brown on a cream colored background. These tiles are also available in different shades.
  • Kashmir Gold: If you prefer a lighter option, then opting for Kashmir Gold Granite will definitely be a great option. This background color will make a change from light to mid-tone and different types of veining will also be nice. 
  • Indian Dakota: Indian Dakota Granite is a darker toned granite tile. This is available in polished feature which include medium brown color. The darker veins within these tiles have also given an exotic appearance to these tiles.
  • Impala Black Granite: If you are in search for some black shades with dark grays, then going for Impala Black Granite will surely attract you a lot. These tiles are available in a shade of 12 x 12.

Apart from those features, these tiles are also easy to maintain and have a long life too.

Get A Bigger Look To Your Kitchen

These days many people prefer smaller residences. Maintaining is easy and there are not many expenses. There are many ideas for downsizing the house. There is not much work and we can spend on the decoration of the house. It is nice to design the kitchen with neutrals. They give the perfect background to the kitchen.

silver metal brick

Greecian White Marble Multi Finish tiles give a long look to the kitchen. Space looks bigger with this white colored marble. Though the kitchen is small this elegant tile gives the best appeal. Both honed and polished finish gives an alluring look. It matches with the contemporary and traditional kitchen. Even in a smaller kitchen, the radiant design is achieved with this tile.    

Italian Crema Marfil Marble gives a clever planning to the kitchen though it is small. The sophistication has no boundaries. It has a soft background with beige veins. The neutral color gives an airy and open atmosphere. The surface shines when they are used above the kitchen range and sink. 


Antique White Ceramic Tiles gives a stylish kitchen which looks more expanded. These tiles are white which looks like subway tiles. There is a magnification of space when they are installed in the kitchen.

Artisan Taupe Tiles gives a lively feeling in the kitchen. They have the color of nature. The color of medium brown tile matches with any type of neutral color. There are many sizes available to match the taste of any homeowner. These ceramic tiles can be installed in many designs to look loftier.  

artisan taupe subway.jpg

Durgano Travertine Tiles has the veins and swirls of the natural tile. The warm color gives a bright feeling to the kitchen. These tiles are honed and suits to any modern or classic decors. These tiles match with any other tiles easily. The kitchen looks more spacious with these tiles installed. Tiles can really change the very look of the kitchen.

When the homeowners are trying to downsize the kitchen then they can try out these tiles to give a bigger look to their small kitchen.

Get An Extra Push In Décor With Natural Stone Veneer

To get the look of a house just like in an interior design magazine, it is very necessary to use accessories, architecture, and furniture. But best look comes from the stacked stone veneers. These stones give the warm, welcoming and comfortable feel to the house.

There are different shades ranging from light to dark colors. There are different characters and reflection capability for every stone. The 3D texture is the main character making these veneers more appealing. Though the appearance of these stones is rugged they suit to any posh spaces. They suit to a cozy home or to any exteriors


Arctic Golden Panel Stacked Stone is a split face quartzite. It is creamy white mixed with golden beige. It matches with the wood color and cream furnishings. Corner pieces can be used for continuity.

Fossil Rustic Stacked Stone has a mixture of gray and beige hues with orange-rust splashes. The whole wall need not be covered to get a good look. They look good with half of the wall too. These pieces of stone are easy to install or stack just like puzzle pieces. 


Roman Beige Stacked Stone are made from travertine. They are split faced and have beige and golden cream colors. This stone is used for the surrounds of the fireplaces. The play of light and shadow on the 3D texture gives a good background to any type of décor.

Coal Canyon Stacked Stone is a split face Quartzite in deep charcoal gray color. It matches with traditional or contemporary décor. The stone is so gorgeous that there is no need to cover it rather than display its beauty. They can be used in home or office for décor.


These veneers are eco-friendly as they are natural stone. It is very easy to install and there are pre-assembled panels also available in the market. If used in the showroom the beauty and decor of the space increase. At home, there is a special look in the interior with these stacked stones.

At any part of the house, these stones add beauty. They can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom or even exteriors. To give a unique look to the décor this stone gives an extra push.

There is a lot of choice in the natural stone veneer colors. We can match with the wall, furnishing or furniture. Contrast or bold colors are also attractive when used for interiors.


Backsplash protects the wall and adds Style Quotient

Backsplash trend was started for protecting the wall from the stain of oil but now it has become a requirement. Many people remodeling the kitchen prefer to have backsplashes to protect the walls and give the kitchen a style quotient. There are many types of tiles in the market. It is better to go to the stores to select the type of tile required for the kitchen backsplash. There are many materials, color, design and pattern tiles available in the market. The budget is also another fact to be decided as it decides the type of tile to be chosen.

paradise bay blend

Choosing Color: There are many colors available in the kitchen like the wall color, flooring, appliances, and countertops. The tiles should match this color palette. Neutral colors are the present trend and it gives a contemporary look. If bold colors are chosen then it should be chosen to be a bold statement with the other colors.

Covering The Wall:   It is better to give a larger backsplash area. It can cover the area behind the stove and extend taller and wider. The tiles look gorgeous when they are installed for a larger area.

midnight pearl glass stone metal

Be Creative: There is no particular way to install the backsplash. We can show our taste and creativeness for getting a unique design. Mixing and matching the tile, giving borders and adding strips gives a creative look.

Grout: It is better to know the type of grout required for the tiles to be installed. The color of the grout can be same as the tile or contrast to give a defined look.

Budget: it is always better to install the backsplash to protect the walls from oil, water, and other cooking stains. There are many tiles in the market to suit the budget.

Timeless Design is Better: Choose always timeless designs than trendy ones. Trendy tiles lose their appeal after few years or they need a lot of maintenance. They are costly and may not be affordable for reworking.

Builders and homeowners try to choose backsplashes according to the budget. When there is a new building or remodeling there are many types of tiles suiting for every kitchen.

There is porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles in the market. The ceramic and porcelain tiles mimic the natural stone which is more affordable. It is better to choose a tile which is easy to maintain and affordable. The tile color, design, pattern, and material are chosen according to the taste of the taste owner. Neutral or bold colors are chosen to define the décor of the kitchen.



Metal Backsplash To Define The Décor Of Kitchen

Homeowners like to have unique decors in their house. Many of the décor tiles may look different but they are the hot tiles in the market today. The metal tiles give the contemporary and minimalist look for the backsplash. The correct color, material and texture pieces are selected to give that unique look. It is better to follow some tips to decorate the backsplash of the kitchen or bathroom.

Silver Metal Brick is a matte steel finish brick. This tile is sleek and reflects light from the windows or tube light. If the cabinet is dark in color then these tiles give a contrasting match to it. Some metallic utensils and faucets define the place of kitchen or bathroom.

silver metal brick.jpg

To get a piece of nature into the kitchen add Midnight pearl. This is a mixture of metal and glass is available in sheets. These mini tiles are black and gray in color with correct shimmer. The faucet and decorative vase kept in the kitchen give a special look to the backsplash colors.

midnight pearl glass stone metal.jpg

The offset mini brick pattern of 198 chips per 12×12 sheet features luminous black, gray and iridescent mini glass tiles with just the right amount of shimmer. The shell-like stones look attractive with the reflections of light and shadow.

To have bright bold colors in the kitchen the cabinet can be the red glossy color with Silver Aluminum Metal 3D backsplash. This gives a bright welcome look to the kitchen. This ultra-modern kitchen is everyone’s dream. The utensils and the backsplash sparkles like steel.

silver alu metal 3d.jpg

Paradise Bay Blend is a strip of tile which can be used in between the other tiles. It gives a contemporary vibe and a cool look to the backsplash either in the kitchen or bathroom. This tile made of glass; stone and metal are available in cool colors of grays and blues. Larger pieces of neutral tile can be used as background for these strips.

paradise bay blend

Niagra Interlocking tiles look like chunks of chocolate. These earth color pieces are made of metal stone and glass. They are easier to install and come in gray and black tones.

niagra interlocking glass stone metal

If proper color and type of tiles are used for the backsplash the kitchen or bathroom gets a new definition. There are many other factors adding beauty but the major part is of the backsplash. It stays in the background to give the best for the kitchen. The texture, design, and color definitely define the design of the kitchen.